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What's up? My name is Antwane and I am the heart behind A.E. Good Photography. I met my wife 15 years ago and told her I was going to marry her that very first day. I am a true extrovert and I love to talk about pretty much anything. I dream of owning a vintage 64 Chevy Impala convertible. In my free time you can find me playing my Xbox or cruising around town taking pictures.

Hey, I'm T-kia. And yes, I did think my husband's Day 1 "declaration of love" was a bit stalker-ish! That was until I realized that he was just following the voice of God in choosing me to spend his life with. I'm a true introvert, but I masquerade as an extrovert pretty well. I dabble in instant coffee and any pastry with cinnamon. You can find me watching YouTube family vlogs, This is Us and any other binge worthy show. We have two kids, Kalen and Kalei, and a 7 year old pitbull named Rock. 

So glad to meet you. Now let's make this thing official!

What makes an #AEGcouple


You desire to see authentic and honest moments. You and your groom know how much love happens in between the formal poses and you want to make sure we capture the beauty of those moments.


You appreciate the raw emotion that can be shared through a black and white photograph and want nothing more than to have those images in your wedding album. 


You are in love with laughter. My husband and I share a life filled with laughter and want nothing more than to capture your smiles on your wedding day. Don't worry; we won't force any fake laughs (but we may tell a bad joke or two :-)


Your marriage matters to us, just as much as your wedding. We will pray for your love and in our ability to capture your celebration honestly and beautifully. We will pray that you can weather all of the storms that life will take you through - together.